The Coolest Little Town


After my hitchhiking adventure, I decided to explore around town a bit more. I checked out the beach and their driftwood sign. I went into the jade shop and saw all the money I would spend. It started to sprinkle so I made my way back to room. My dormmate was pretty cool and her and I would chat a lot. She was staying at the hostel long term. I made my way into the lounge area and they had a massive movie collection. I had been reading a book about Imoteph, so when I saw they had the Mummy I knew I had to watch it. A Canadian girl joined me. She had never seen it. She was pretty young though. I think 18. After the movie finished, I had plans to go see the glow worms near by. Basically they are fungi that live in caves and glow at night. I had not seen any yet. About 4 of us from the hostel went to the glow worms. It was really cool. They looked liked stars. We made our way back, and one of the boys wanted to watch the movie hostel. Of the group still in the lounge, I was the only one who had seen it. Some of the boys were kind of scared. It was silly. So I watched Hostel in a Hostel with some Europeans. The movie is so silly, and I would tease them asking if Europe was really like that. It was fun. The next morning it just rained. It poured. I caught a break and ventured out to buy some jade and check out the perimeter walk. At sunset point, they have an old shipwrecked pirate ship which I thought was cool. The Jolly Roger! And then the rain came again. My rain coat did a decent job, but it didn’t help my pants or shoes. When I got back to the hostel, I was drenched. I put some dry clothes on and made some hot chocolate. It was a perfect time to read and skype. We got a break in the rain long enough I could run to the beach and watch the sunset. Then back at the hostel I had met a boy from New Orleans and we decided it was time for another movie. This time Jurassic Park. My final day in Hokitika was a little less rainy, but still not ideal. I was running out of dry clothes so after exploring around the beach a little bit I retreated back to the hostel for some more book reading. I was heading back to Franz Josef where I would do my glacier heli hike. Also, two girls from Hokitia were headed to Franz Josef as well, so it was going to be a mini reunion.

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