Week 1

I have been in England for one week now. Time really has flown. The flight over was okay. There was another screaming child on the plane. I have nothing against children, but I don’t know how I feel about screaming children on an overnight flight. It took me forever to get through customs. I feel sorry for Karen when we return from South Africa because she will have to wait at least an hour for me, if not more. I finally made it through immigration and met Karen at the international arrivals gate. We made our way to Worthing and I settled in. The following day I went into town with Adam and we got my sim card figured out, visited the Worthing museum and went to Arundel. Which is pronounced Arendell, just like Frozen! The Arundel castle was closed, but I got to see the outside and we visited the museum there as well. In March, I will be participating in a running obstacle course challenge, so i don’t want to get too out of shape, so I went for a run through the hills the following morning. Afterward, I made the trip to Brighton and took a tour the pavillion. I really enjoyed it .The Duke it was built


for was such a playboy. I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my time while I was here. I had a good amount of time before leaving for South Africa. I decided to spend the day in Worthing and figure out what i wanted to do. Worthing is a cute little town. Well its actually quite decent in size compared to Gridley. It was rather cold that day, but the pier was pleasant, and the shops are always nice no matter the weather. I decided I would leave southern England and head up north to Manchester. When I arrived back at the house I booked my accommodation and trains. I would have to take the train from Worthing to London, and then London to Manchester. While in Manchester I would take a train to York for a day and then Liverpool for a day. After my time in Manchester is up, I will head back to London for a few days, and then back to Worthing. I have a day to do laundry and pack for my trip to South Africa. I am currently in Manchester now waiting for my train back to London. Everything went as according to plan.

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