Backyard Adventures – Fun Runs

Looking for a fun adventure close to home? Sign up for a fun run! This is the perfect way to get out and possibly see a new part of your town. Or you can travel to the town next to you for some different scenery. There are a ton of different fun runs, and they are all different shapes and sizes. Some you might train months for, others might be something you and your friends decided to do last week. Either way its all about the adventure and having fun. Here are some popular runs around the United States.

The Color Run – Walk, run or skip, while you get dosed with color during this 5k. Wear white for maximum color! This is a good vibe run perfect for the whole family. These runs happen all over the US, so there is bound to be one in a city near you!

The Bubble Run – Talk about the cleanest 5k. Who doesn’t love bubbles? Dress up in some wacky costumes and run through bubbles! Bring your camera, you’ll want to record this adventure! Sign up for a run near you, or pick a new fun city you’ve never been to.

Zombie Run – This run might sound scary, but the kids will love getting chased by zombies! These runs usually take place near Halloween, and you can sign up to be a part of the living or one of the dead. The make-up and costume are my favorite part! The RedRun takes place in Virginia City which is already a haunted town. This run takes you through the ghost town and into haunted buildings. Their slogan – Get ready to run like hell!

Tough Mudder – This run is for the adrenaline seeker and is best completed with a group. The run comes in different lengths with the ultimate coming in at just over 10 miles. Be prepared to crawl under barbwire, get some electroshock therapy, and face your fear of heights. This run will require a little training, but it’s worth it if you’re up for the challenge.

Spartan – Similar to the Tough Mudder, the Spartan Race is a bit more physically demanding. The Spartan Race also comes in varying lengths – 5 to 30 miles! The Spartan features more obstacles that challenge you physically vs mentally, and if you fail an obstacle you have to do burpees.  Make sure you prepare for this race and get ready to call yourself a Spartan Champion!

Did I miss one? Tell me about your favorite fun run in the comments below! These events are perfect for having a grand adventure in your own backyard!

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