5 Tips for Night in the Country

The tagline – Pure Country. Pure Farmland. Pure Nevada. So, what is Night in the Country? It’s a 3-day country music festival that takes place in the tiny desert farming town Yerington, Nevada.  If you like country music, camping with your besties, and making new friends over a cold one and a game of corn hole, then Night in the Country is the festival for you. Last year was my first year. I convinced my Mom and Dad to join me, and I met up with some friends who are seasoned pros and we had a rockin’ good time. Luckily, my friend gave me some good pointers before heading out there, so I’m here to pass on the favor. Here are 5 tips perfect for the newbie heading out to Night in the Country (NITC).  

Prepare for Sun  

All the shade is Bring Your Own. That Nevada sun can be brutal, so make sure you bring enough water and shade to help keep you cool during those long days. You will see trailers running their generators to pump the A.C. or people hanging out in those above ground pools to cool off. And not only is the desert hot, but it’s dusty. Not quite as bad as Burning Man though since this festival takes place on a hay field. But you will still want closed-toe, sturdy shoes to protect your feet from any sharp hay and to help keep them clean. Boots and shorts are the popular outfit choice out there. And since you’ll be spending all day out in the sun playing games and getting rid of that hangover, you’ll want to bring plenty of sunscreen.  

The good thing about the Nevada desert is the temperature does cool down at night. I’d recommend bringing a light jacket. Last year it poured rain Thursday and Friday and morning which made for a cool Friday night.  

Party All Night 

Night in the Country is a party. People are there to have a good time and listen to good music. They are loud, things can get a little rowdy, but it’s all a good time. So just embrace the madness and have a little fun. If you do want to be away from the party-goers, there are Quiet Zone campsites you can book, but I wouldn’t expect complete silence out there. The hardcore campers will be playing their music till 4 a.m along with the Full Moon Saloon. So, I recommend some earplugs and a couple of drinks to put you right to bed.  

Clear Bags Only  

NITC takes places on the fairgrounds in Yerington, NV. In 2019, General Admission was updated, and the whole outdoor area is now grass. I’m not sure what it looked like before, but after talking to some friends that had been there in the past, they all said it was a huge upgrade. The venue is set up like an outdoor arena. VIP passes get you closer to the stage, but they have huge screens if you want to see the performers up close. The acoustics were great, and really, there wasn’t a bad seat in the house. You can bring chairs or blankets to sit on in the grass, or there is a gravel area off the side which is for sitting. But you can just stand, walk around and dance during the show too. Similar to all shows now, the only bags allowed inside are clear. Also, if you want to purchase drinks inside you must have already purchased drink tokens. It’s supposed to make the line move faster.  

Don’t Forget Your Boots 

If you are wondering what to wear to Night in the Country, I recommend checking out their Instagram. During the day, you can find most people in swimsuits and beach-like attire hanging out in large blow-up pools to escape the heat. For the show, the girls put on their cutest daisy dukes or dress. As for the guys, well you’re looking at fitting jeans or shorts – it’s hot. But the number one thing you can’t forget are your boots. First, it’s dirty in the camping area, so the boots help keep your feet clean, and the camping area is a cut-down hay field, so the boots help from any sharp hay pieces going through your shoes. Do like farmers do and don’t forget your boots.  

Remember to Have Fun  

This tip is a given. Night in the Country is a lot of fun. It’s a great place to meet new people and the best part is you already know you have a few things in common. It’s a great place to step outside your comfort zone and let loose a little. So, kick back and enjoy the music.  

Have you been to Night in the Country before? If so, leave me a comment with your best tip for the first-timers! See you in July 2020!  

Until next time…